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Are you ready to stop letting fear have all the fun and start creating the life you want?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve got big dreams and aspirations, but they seem so far away and daunting that you don’t know where to begin. Every time you think about taking that first step, fear, and doubt creep in. You question whether you’re good enough, whether you’re ready, whether it’s even possible.

You’re stuck in a cycle of self-limiting beliefs, unable to break free. It’s frustrating. It’s exhausting. And it’s holding you back from living your desired life.

Your productivity is suffering, you’re struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and your confidence is at an all-time low. You’re eager for change but don’t know how to make it happen.

You’re looking for a solution, a path to follow that can guide you toward your dreams and goals. You’re ready to overcome these obstacles, but you need the right support, the right tools, and the right strategy.

It's not just you!

You're experiencing this problem because...

Society often tells us that significant change requires massive, immediate action. We’re led to believe that transformation happens overnight; if it doesn’t, we must be doing something wrong. This ‘all or nothing’ mindset can cause us to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear, especially when facing large goals.

But the truth is change is a process. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact, lasting change is more often the result of consistent, tiny actions over time.

You’re also experiencing this problem because, like many of us, you may be caught in a cycle of self-limiting beliefs. These are deep-seated thoughts and attitudes that undermine your confidence and make you question your abilities.

Finally, we often try to force ourselves to adapt to success systems or productivity strategies that don’t suit our unique work styles. This struggle can be exhausting and disheartening, leading us to believe that we cannot achieve our goals.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right guidance, support, and tools, you can break free from these patterns and start making real progress toward the life you desire.


Tiny Action LIVE

A transformative 6-week live cohort designed specifically to guide women like you in making consistent, tiny actions that lead to significant life changes.

We’ll journey together to get clear on your personal and professional desires, identify and break free from the patterns that are holding you back, and develop supportive systems tailored to your unique working style. Along the way, we’ll foster a supportive community that will cheer you on every step of the way.

At the core of Tiny Action LIVE is the promise to help you boost your confidence, empowering you to not only dream big but also act boldly.

Are you ready to transform your dreams into reality, one tiny action at a time?

Upcoming cohort runs June 26 to august 4

The Curriculum

What We'll Cover

Over the course of six weeks, you’ll participate in engaging weekly live workshops, thought-provoking group activities, individual exercises, and reflection.

Week 1: Crystal Clear Vision

Start your journey by discovering your true desires. This week is all about setting meaningful personal and professional goals that truly align with your passions and values.

Week 2: Unmasking the Barriers

Uncover the self-limiting beliefs and patterns that are standing between you and your dreams. We’ll shine a light on these barriers and start to chip away at them.

Week 3: Breaking the Chains

Harness powerful strategies to overcome your personal barriers. This week, we break the chains holding you back, paving the way to your fullest potential.

Week 4: Customized Success Systems

Create supportive systems tailored to your unique style. This personalized blueprint will become your guide to success, long after this program concludes.

Week 5: Confidence Unleashed

It’s time to stand tall and embrace your potential. Through engaging exercises and peer-sharing sessions, we’ll boost your confidence, preparing you to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

Week 6: Tiny Action and Celebration

Let’s take those first tiny, yet monumental steps towards your goals and celebrate your journey thus far. Witness the power of consistent actions and the transformation they bring.

As a participant in the Tiny Action LIVE program, you will receive:

By the end of the program, you’ll have the tools and strategies and the confidence and mindset needed to achieve your goals and make lasting changes in your life.

Are you ready to take action?

Tiny Action LIVE is not just a program; it’s a commitment to yourself. A commitment to step out of your comfort zone, challenge your limitations, embrace your strengths, and embark on a journey towards the best version of yourself.

This is your time to rise, achieve your goals, and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Join us on this transformative journey and elevate your life.

Seats are limited. Register now to secure your spot and start your transformation!

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Rave Reviews

Here's what my students say


Working with Monique has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. She gave me the tools to break free and start moving toward my true potential. I’ve never felt more confident and clear about my goals.
– Kenesha


The idea of making tiny changes resonated with me. I’ve not only started working on my goals, but I’ve also developed a whole new outlook on what I’m capable of achieving.
– Myria

Risk-Free Guarantee

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in Tiny Action LIVE, so we offer a risk-free guarantee. We’ll provide a full refund if you attend the first week’s session and decide it’s not for you.

Meet Your Mentor

Hey! I'm Monique Malcolm.

I am a coach, speaker, and host of the Take Tiny Action podcast. I have a passion for helping women release fear and get out of their own way.

Using small action steps to build my confidence and reach my goals has transformed my life. It has enabled me to take control of my finances, write a book, and live the life that I deeply desired.

With over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and personal development, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my teaching and programs.

Is Tiny Action LIVE for me?

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How it works

Here’s what happens when you enroll

Welcome email

Shortly after enrollment, you’ll receive a welcome email from us with all the necessary details about the program.

Get Access

On June 19th, you’ll receive your community access and pre-program materials designed to get you in the right mindset for transformation.

Program Kickoff

Tiny Action LIVE will begin with a live session where you’ll meet your fellow participants, get a comprehensive overview of the program, and set your intentions for the next six weeks.


Answers to your burning questions!

We understand that everyone has busy lives, which is exactly why we designed Tiny Action LIVE around the concept of tiny actions. These small steps can be integrated into your daily routine without causing disruption. Moreover, the live sessions will be recorded so you can catch up at your own convenience.

Unlike many other programs, Tiny Action LIVE focuses on sustainable, long-term change through consistent, small steps. We also delve deep into your self-limiting beliefs, help you develop a success system tailored to your unique work style, and provide a supportive community for you to lean on. It’s not just about achieving your goals but about transforming the way you approach them.

The Tiny Action LIVE program is an investment in yourself and your future. The skills, strategies, and mindset shifts you gain from this program will serve you throughout your life. And remember, transformative change can lead to opportunities and growth that far outweigh the initial cost. Consider this as planting seeds for a more fulfilling, successful future.

Absolutely! We’ve designed Tiny Action LIVE to be accessible for everyone, regardless of their tech skills. We use user-friendly platforms and provide clear instructions on how to participate in each session. Plus, our team is always here to provide tech support if needed.

We want everyone in Tiny Action LIVE to feel confident about joining. That’s why we offer a risk-free guarantee. We encourage you to attend the first week, engage with the material and the community, and if you feel it’s not a fit, reach out to us.

That’s perfectly okay! In fact, it’s quite common. As you gain clarity and confront self-limiting beliefs, your goals may evolve. The strategies and tools you learn in Tiny Action LIVE will apply no matter your goals.

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