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Are you eager to achieve your biggest goals, but feeling overwhelmed or blocked by fear?

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Let me be your guide

The journey to success isn't about grand leaps, but rather the small, consistent steps we take every day. Whether it's a personal dream or a professional goal, here are a few ways I can support your next step.

Self-Paced Course

Tiny Action Mastery

Discover a holistic approach to goal setting and achieving that feels aligned, actionable, and above all, fulfilling.

1:1 Coaching

Tiny Actions, Big Results

Personalized support and accountability to help you stop struggling with overwhelm and procrastination and start making strides towards your dreams.

Kind Words From Past Clients

"My favorite part of working with Monique? She's constantly giving me permission NOT to take big leaps. The recovering overachiever in me likes to forget that they aren't necessary."

Our Framework

The 3 A's of Tiny Actions

Crafted for simplicity yet packed with power, the Tiny Actions Framework is your concise roadmap to achieving goals and dreams.

Step 1


Dive into self-reflection to identify your goals, uncover potential roadblocks, and recognize the tools at your disposal. It’s about setting your compass towards what genuinely matters to you.

Step 2


Don’t just dream; do! Break down lofty goals into bite-sized actions that are achievable, ensuring steady progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Step 3


Embrace the journey’s fluidity. Evaluate your progress, adjust your strategies, and celebrate milestones, ensuring that you’re not only moving forward but thriving.

Hey! I'm Monique.

I help people overwhelmed by their ambitions achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Guess what?!

You’re not alone – many ambitious people face this same challenge.

I’m here to guide you on your journey so that you make meaningful progress toward your goals without the pitfalls of fear, overwhelm, or burnout.

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