• Sell More With Video Content With XayLi Barclay

    We’ve been talking all month long about creating content that sells. The one element that we haven’t discussed is video, so I called on my video content queen XayLi Barclay to serve as my co-host. XayLi is an online video coach and Thinkific expert helping creative entrepreneurs feel more confident on camera. She’s one of […]

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  • How To Use Content Pillars To Generate Endless Content Ideas

    I’m going to share a strategy that I use to brainstorm my content ideas. Bonus points that this strategy will make you look super knowledgeable. And that’s what you want! You want people to stumble upon your website and be so impressed that they stick around consuming your content.
    In this episode, I’m sharing how to use your content pillars to generate endless content ideas.

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  • 5 Tips To Create Content That Sells

    Likes and shares are cool, but sales are the real flex. Without sales, your business isn’t a business, it’s an expensive hobby. So why do so many creative business owners focus on creating content that generates likes and shares versus sales? Marketing involves a lot of content creation. Think about it. From podcasts to emails […]

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  • A Simple Way To Diversify Your Content Strategy

    Are you still struggling to create an effective content strategy for your creative business?

    Most creative business owners and coaches are operating without a clear or effective content strategy. They create content for the sake of having something to post versus focusing on ways that their content can help them reach their goals.

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  • Sales Funnels: The One Thing Stopping You From Getting Consistent Sales For Your Digital Products

    In episode 99, I talked about why you need to launch your digital product versus going straight to passive sales. The reason being that launching gives you the best chance at attracting buyers quickly especially if you have a new or small audience.

    But what happens after the launch? How do you keep the sales rolling in? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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