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Pre-sale opens on ...

It's time to harness the power of consistent, tiny actions and stop letting overwhelm derail your dreams.

Does this sound familiar?

😵‍💫 You’re Drowning in Overwhelm: Your goals, once sources of inspiration, now feel like towering peaks, impossible to scale. Every ambitious plan is another item on an already overflowing to-do list, with no clear path to tackling it.

🫣 Consistency Feels Like a Mirage: The initial enthusiasm with which you start dwindles with time. It’s a cycle: set a goal, start with gusto, lose steam, feel disheartened, and then avoid or abandon it altogether.

😬 The Fear of Making a Mistake Paralyzes You: Instead of being a source of motivation, your drive turns into a chain of ‘what ifs’. What if I choose the wrong goal? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if I fail?

If you’ve nodded along, know that you’re not alone. I get it! I’ve been there!

I’ve had many glowing dreams dim out, not for the lack of ambition, but due to being overwhelmed and following an approach that wasn’t tailored to the realities of my life.

While many goal-setting courses put all their emphasis on just setting goals, I’ve realized the journey towards those goals is equally, if not more, crucial. This course isn’t just about pinning down what you want – it’s about charting a path to get there that respects your desires, understands your challenges, and maximizes your resources.

Welcome to the course that's about to change the way you set, pursue, and celebrate your achievements.


Learn to turn big goals into fulfilling achievements through actionable, bite-sized steps.

In a world obsessed with the grandeur of big leaps, the real magic often lies in the consistent, tiny actions. Dive deep into a transformative journey that empowers you to achieve your loftiest goals and ensures they resonate with your innermost desires.

Here's exactly what you'll learn in Tiny Action Mastery:

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit that transforms how you approach goals, making your aspirations achievable, one tiny action at a time.

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Ready to turn your dreams into action?

Tiny Action Mastery won’t be launched until the Fall, but you can lock in your spot and get a sweet deal by purchasing today…

The course will be $300 at launch, but if you buy it now, you’ll get first access AND save 30% OFF (paying only $210!).

Grab your seat in this self-paced online course and get ready to make meaningful progress toward your goals. The course will officially start on October 15th.

Meet your Guide

Hey, I'm Monique!

I created this course because I saw a gaping hole in the world of personal development. Most goal-setting courses focus on the destination, often neglecting the journey.

They’re about the endpoint, not the path. But what if the path itself could be just as fulfilling as the goal? What if we could harmonize our actions with our desires so that every step feels invigorating? That’s what “Tiny Action Mastery” is all about.

This course embodies my holistic vision of goal-setting – one that considers our deepest desires, recognizes our unique challenges, and equips us with actionable tools to navigate our journey. No more daunting tasks, no more burnout, just pure alignment and achievement.
I can’t wait to share all of this with you, to witness your transformation, and to celebrate every milestone you achieve.

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Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the Tiny Action Mastery course and whether it’s right for you, email me! You can expect a reply within 24 business hours.