Don't let fear have all the fun

Are you letting fear have all the fun?

If fear is stopping you from having (or doing) what you want most–quitting your job, starting a business, taking an epic trip, writing a book, applying for a scholarship, or even trying a new workout class-it’s time to go for it.

Don’t Let Fear Have All The Fun will show you:

– Why being fearless isn’t the goal

– How to build courage in small doses

– What failure really means (and why it’s probably not what you think)

– Exactly how to build a support system filled with people thrilled to cheer you on

– How to stop letting fear have all the fun in your life!

You don’t have to be fearless to go after what you want. You don’t need more money or clout to make big moves in your life. You just need to learn how to quiet the booming voices (aka Chorus of Fear) and take the next small step.

Available wherever books are sold online, like Bookshop, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

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Take A Look Inside

Practical Advice

Each chapter is a piece of advice that is broken down and explained through engaging metaphors, stories or personal insights.

Relatable Stories

Each chapter features stories from Monique - some silly and a few serious ones. She even shares stories from her family and friends in her "fear fables".

Actionable Exercises

Each chapter has exercises or activities to help you think deeply and apply what you've learned.

About The Author

My professional mission is to help people release fear and overwhelm, so that they can actualize their dreams.

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