• Unraveling Money with Hanna Bier

    In today’s episode, we have a truly inspiring guest who is dedicated to helping ambitious women transform their relationships with money. Hanna Bier is an energy healer, family constellation expert, and certified life coach whose passion lies in empowering women worldwide to recreate their connection with money in a life-affirming, positive, and loving way. For […]

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  • From $173,000 in Debt to Debt-Free: My 4-Year Journey to Financial Freedom

    From $173,000 in Debt to Debt-Free: My 4-Year Journey to Financial Freedom

    Have you ever felt weighed down by debt? The constant worry, the sleepless nights, the feeling that you’ll never dig yourself out? Now imagine paying off a staggering $173,000 in under four years and finally achieving financial freedom. In this episode, I’m sharing my journey to become debt-free, along with the actionable lessons learned that […]

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  • Girl! It’s Time To Save Yourself

    Today’s episode is about a classic fairy tale we’ve been getting wrong for years: Cinderella. As a child, you probably watched the animated Disney movie and thought the lesson was clear: Prince Charming rescues Cinderella from a life of servitude, and they live happily ever after. But I recently watched this movie with my nieces, […]

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  • Reframing Purpose: Why ‘Finding’ It is the Wrong Approach

    Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation I recently had with a close friend. This friend is in a space where she’s trying to figure out ‘what’s next?’ She’s done all of the things: gone to college, has a great career, bought a house, and has begun to build wealth. But since she’s single, she’s […]

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  • How To Be Consistent

    Consistency is essential for achieving success in various areas of life. It helps us develop good habits, improve our skills, and increase our self-discipline. However, being consistent can be challenging due to various reasons, such as lack of motivation, distractions, and competing priorities. Despite these challenges, there are practical steps we can take to become […]

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